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Impact Naval Architects is a small naval architecture firm based in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and founded by Nate Frederickson, former owner of Nate Frederickson Design and Flagship Marine, which provided technical services to the Seattle & Pacific Northwest maritime communities from 2001-2013.

The mission of Impact Naval Architects is to serve customers by providing solutions to their technical design and engineering problems. Our deepest satisfaction is achieved when we exceed our customers’ expectations for quality of work and effectiveness of designs and solutions. Our core values include integrity, open-mindedness, humility, and upholding a spirit of service to our customers.

We have particular interest in and aptitude for solving technically challenging and novel design problems, which has developed over multiple decades of experience working for and in collaboration with owners, operators, builders, and designers from numerous industry sectors. Whether high performance, composites, aluminum, steel, heavy lift, towing, megayacht, passenger, semi-submersible, recreational, solar-electric, or experimental, we have brushed up against it.