Vessel Design

We are your source for functionally aesthetic, purpose-driven new vessel designs. With a broad understanding of interrelations between all aspects of vessel design, regulation, and construction, we are well versed at travelling the design spiral and know how to turn your idea or concept into design deliverables a builder can bring to life.

Yachts, pleasure craft, passenger & towing vessels, barges, and unique custom craft.

Hydrodynamic and Performance Analysis

Hull form development, performance prediction, troubleshooting of hydrodynamic & performance problems of existing vessels. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), propeller and waterjet propulsion system performance modeling, vessel acceleration predictions.

To succeed in these tasks requires merging the application of fundamentals, state of the art analysis, and experience with intuition and creativity. These subjects are a primary passion at Impact Naval Architects.

Structural Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of complex, high performance, and heavily loaded structures. If your project requires advanced analysis or calculations, we can provide a solution to best meet the project’s requirements.

Analysis is performed in house by our staff, who are well versed in ANSYS and Femap with NX Nastran.

Refit Design & Engineering

Vessel modifications, repowering, equipment upgrades, and repurposing projects can be as compelling to the naval architect as new construction projects. These projects can also be fraught with difficulties related to available documentation, verification of existing structure and systems, and the effect of regulatory evolution on older vessels. We have the experience to identify potential road blocks and address them up front, so your project can be executed with confidence.

Operations Support

General naval architecture and engineering services to support your vessel or fleet throughout its operational life. Engineering and planning support for shipyard periods, deadweight surveys, inclining experiments, stability testing & review (using General Hydrostatics (GHS) software), assessment of operational changes.

Regulatory Compliance

Today’s regulatory environment is complex and continuously evolving. The labyrinth of requirements can be overwhelming, from the CFR and USCG regulations to Classification Society, IMO, and EPA requirements. We are here to provide you with clarity regarding requirements and a regulatory road map for your vessel, as well as to facilitate the compliance process.