Seeking personable, energetic, well-rounded and highly-effective candidates to join our small & tight-knit team.

Expertise with either Autocad or Rhino (preferably both) required. Highly competitive starting compensation will be based on experience and capabilities, with opportunity for advancement.

Full time, part time, or sub-contract arrangements may be considered.


You will engage design, 3D modeling, and drafting tasks with enthusiasm, working closely wth our engineering team to produce elegant solutions which are of significant value to our clients.

Specific functions will suit your strengths, interests, and desire to grow, to the extent possible based on our workload, and will include some combination of the following:

  • 2D drafting, producing structural, mechanical, arrangement, and outfitting drawings.
  • 3D modeling of all aspects of vessel design including hull forms, structures, and vessel exteriors.
  • Creative problem solving of design & arrangement challenges.
  • Work with vendor information to develop equipment integration.
  • Opportunities to contribute further to design and development work based on your aptitude and interest.

Skills required

  • Expertise with either Autocad or Rhino (preferably both) required.
  • Proficiency or some prior experience with Microsoft Office. 
  • Ability to have fun while doing great work.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with engineers, project managers, equipment vendors and shipyard staff.
  • Adaptability and enjoyment of variety. You will work in and gain exposure to a variety of industry sectors such as high speed and luxury pleasure craft, commercial vessels such as tugs & barges, coast guard and naval vessels, and marine construction projects.

Other Details

We are a small business and have been working primarily on a remote basis with flexible working hours since before COVID, and will continue to do so. Ideally you are located in or planning to relocate to the Pacific Northwest in proximity to the Puget Sound waterfront. Remote work from farther afield will be considered for ideal candidates.